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    Phuket’s Best Beaches for your holiday in Phuket

    By admin 23 February 2018 phuket

    Not sure about you, but I love to discover beaches that are a little less busy, so you can enjoy the glistening white sands, azure blue waters and tropical sun combined with a little peace and solitude. Say goodbye to crowded beaches on your next Thai Escape especially if your staying in one of our […]

  • Massages in Phuket, what’s right for you?

    By admin 10 July 2016 phuket

    There are so many types of massage studios and parlours in Phuket with their own specialties that it is hard to choose the right massage type that’s best for you. I mean, what will happen if you accidentally end up going to a place that’s all about ‘happy endings’? This could prove some what awkward […]

  • Getting around in Phuket, what you need to know

    By admin 2 July 2016 phuket

    If you are planning a holiday in Phuket and want to know how your going to get around and see the island following is some really useful information. Remember, Phuket is relatively small so getting around is not a big hassle. If you are staying (like most people) in the tourist parts then getting to […]